Barre class is a workout that blends elements from different exercise styles including ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Our barre classes welcome first-timers, and your instructor will guide to help you get used to moving your body in new ways. CONDITIONING FOR A LOW IMPACT FULL BODY WORKOUT.

No matter if you are a boxing/kickboxing guru or you have never even seen a heavy bag….you will be perfect for this class! Every drill, activity or exercise will have options and modifications to fit any body. The only goal for each session, is that you feel as AMAZING outside as you truly are inside. What you need: just YOU, comfy workout gear, and we strongly recommend your own hand wraps. We offer them for sale in studio. I cant WAIT to see you!

Monique likes to bring the outdoors inside and provide challenging but fun rides. “It’s your ride and I am here to guide you to be the best you!” Her playlists cover many genres, eclectic maybe, but never boring! Her music will motivate and push riders to take on challenges! Be ready to sweat, work, have fun and want to come back for more!

A total body functional training interval workout that gets you moving, feeling, and looking like an athlete. Multi-joint strength and core exercises for power and agility result in an explosion of endorphins.

60 minute gentle and smooth yoga for all.

In this class we will borrow from the modalities of Yoga, Barre/dance, Pilates and Natural Movement to gain flexibility, range of motion and stability and challenge our current framework of fitness. If you take joy or have a curiosity about moving strongly and gracefully and how to reduce your risk of injury in everyday life and sports…we invite you to join us. Every “BODY” is welcomed, no matter your skill level.

We’ll move through a powerful vinyasa yoga flow with an emphasis on exploring every pose and linking each breath to movement. No experience necessary, all levels welcome. We focus on fun! Come move!

This class is athletic and challenging. Move your body and quiet your mind to upbeat music. You will leave feeling refreshed and energized.

On the decks when the weather cooperates, otherwise in the studio. A smooth yoga flow, no experience necessary, sure to please everyone.